A Shockingly

Effective Way to

Smoother Skin


Do you have stubborn belly or thigh fat that just won't budge — despite eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly?

Tired of unsightly cellulite that hurts your self-confidence? Often, a better outward appearance starts from within. With

non-invasive, highly effective shockwave therapy, we can now blast away that rippling fat tissue.


Fat stored just beneath the skin's surface often forms in connective tissue. A buildup of collagen can firm up the tissue. As fat despots

run perpendicular to the skin, the tissues contract, pulling down the fat and creating a dimpled appearance. This is most common in

women, with more than 85 percent of women experiencing cellulite at some point in their lives.

Because superficial fat tissue is resistant to exercise, even the fittest women may still deal with it. In fact, acoustic wave technology

emerged from vibrational therapy designed to treat female athletes' torn hamstrings. They found that not only did their injuries improve,

but their skin also looked smoother.


Your fitness journey can be a long, hard road. It's frustrating when you exercise regularly, eat nutritious food, and otherwise take care of yourself ... and still deal with cellulite. While this is a common problem, especially among women, it is not just a matter of losing weight.

In fact, exercise may contribute to cellulite as the hypodermis stretches over growing muscles. The connective tissue, septae, may harden and contract, blocking vessels and lymphatic drain systems. Then, fat reserves in the reticular dermis get pushed upward. In short, you did nothing wrong to cause this. Genetics is a key factor, and many people experience cellulite. However, you aren't required to live with it! SlimPulse, which uses acoustic wave therapy, can help resolve the issue, giving you the confidence to wear your workout shorts or swimsuit again.



By directing radiofrequency waves at the affected body part, we stimulate blood flow and dilate the vessels. This boosts circulation, helping re-expand the contracted tissue that causes the dimpled skin.

There are no needles or other invasive treatments involved in SlimPulse. The low-frequency acoustic waves help break up the dense connective tissue pulling down from the epidermis.

In short, SlimPulse burns up fat just below the skin's surface. More importantly, it rejuvenates the complex layers of tissue that can stiffen, causing cellulite. With this simple yet powerful technology, you can enjoy targeted fat loss and a smoother skin tone.


There are countless cellulite products and treatments on the market. You may be wondering: what makes

SlimPulse different?

First, do not expect any topical cream to solve cellulite. The problem is deep within the dermis, beyond where any lotion could reach.

Second, many treatments, including laser-based and ultrasound therapies, work by causing the cells to die. This isn't necessarily bad, but it likely won't solve the core issue — especially because Ultrashape and Fat-Zap can only penetrate up to 3mm.

And of course, there are injections and surgical treatments. For multiple reasons, you may be seeking to avoid these.

SlimPulse is a completely non-invasive yet deep-penetrating therapy that leverages your body's innate healing potential. At Well Life Family Medicine, we believe in treating the cause, not the symptoms. That means going deep into the dermis (up to 6mm!) to loosen the tough septae and encourage your body to use up that fatty tissue. And with greater circulation, you'll have more blood cells bringing in nutrients and carrying away waste.


Acoustic wave therapy's rejuvenating benefits can do more than blast away cellulite. The technology stimulates cellular activity and encourages blood flow — allowing your body to restore damaged tissue, break down fat molecules, and create healthy new cells.

That means SlimPulse is not only an effective treatment for cellulite, but also for scar reduction, collagen production, and optimal circulation.

Altogether, these natural processes can minimize the appearance and feeling of damaged skin and unhealed wounds — and even encourage

stubborn fat to finally melt away by activating lipase and reducing adipose tissues.

Acoustic wave therapy actually spurs ATP production, which boosts your metabolism and signals new cellular activity. It also promotes better circulation to carry away waste and bring vital oxygen to the affected area.

In other words, vibrational treatments provide just the "shock" your body needs to eliminate scar tissue and fat deposits — and encourage new collagen, vessel growth, and metabolic activity to make your body strong and supple again!


It's time to nourish your skin from within. SlimPulse is a safe, naturally stimulating alternative to cellulite treatment. In fact, it's much more of a therapy than many quick fixes on the market!

Do you want to enjoy smoother skin and lasting fat loss? Reach out to Well Life Family Medicine to inquire about our SlimPulse treatment options.